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Who Is Tyler Kober?

You’re probably wondering who I am…  My names Tyler Kober and I can help your business increase its overall sales through strategic ad buying and email marketing. With over 6 years of experience under my belt and over 50,000 leads generated all kinds of businesses I’m the man you want on your team.

Born in New Jersey, I’ve been helping businesses grow their revenue since I was teenager starting with my business that sold vinyl decals and bumper stickers for cars. After selling just shy of 5,000 decals I realized I had a passion for bringing people from the who are you stage to the thank you, your order has been confirmed stage. 

If your business could benefit from a bigger number in the bank I can help make that happen by deploying my proven framework for growth to your business. Want to know more? Scroll on…

My Marketing Process

FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session

Enter your details to receive a free no-strings-attached strategy session! I’ll review your business and give you actionable tips on things you can implement after we get off the call to start generating more sales.

I’ll review things like your Google Analytics, currently paid advertising strategies and any other marketing strategies you’re currently utilizing.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s hop on a call now!

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